In this puzzle game, I managed the following

  • Game Saving / Player Persistence
  • Gravity and Physics control
  • First person mechanims
  • Player Controller and Mechanics
  • Lightweight User Interface with game options
  • Game & Level Design
  • Team Management

Candy Creepers

Sophomore Side Project – Unity Engine
I wanted to make a hack ‘n’ slash game with a player controller that behaved like Link from Breath of the Wild. So I matched those movement mechanics pretty closely while also adding a flying and super-hero landing (must have!) to it.

ARmageddon AR App

Sophomore Project – iOS ARkit
This was made entirely in iOS using Swift (of course) and ARKit. It was surprisingly intuitive to program and get all the items to randomly spawn to a locked position in the real world. Even easier getting the shooting and item collection working. I learned a lot from this exercise.

Train or Shame

Freshman Project – Sole Developer – Game Maker Studio
This was my first attempt at a mobile game. I learned a lot about Game Maker Language and how to implement the mechanics of a management game.

Rockit Dude

Fly around with your jetpack and turn your enemies into craters with your rocket launcher!

LISA Cooks App

This applications helps you keep track of your kitchen inventory and find recipes based on what you have in stock. Written in JAVA.