Candy Creepers

Sophomore Side Project – Unity Engine
I wanted to make a hack ‘n’ slash game with a player controller that behaved like Link from Breath of the Wild. So I matched those movement mechanics pretty closely while also adding a flying and super-hero landing (must have!) to it.

Play as a witch who has an ax, for a broom. Use it to fly through the air and to cut your enemies to pieces!  Also magic. 

Candies are magic. She’s magic. Also she rides a flying axe-spear.

– Random Bystander

I’m currently leading a team to make an open world hack ‘n’ slash game. You play as a witch who powers her magic by stealing candy from kiddies all over town. However, there is a horde of monsters, drawn by the use of her magic, coming to destroy the town! Without this town, you get no candy! So get on your broom and wreck those monsters!

The witch you play has interesting abilities. The first, of course, is flight using her broom. She can fly up high to see where the monsters are and then drop down fast and attack from the ground using melee attacks and magic.

Check out this progress video! (Updated 2-6-2019)

Here’s a visual breakdown of how we used Breath of a Wild has a foundation for the basic movement and camera mechanics of this game.

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