Epic Tavern

Steam Early Access – Unity Engine

  • Gameplay Feature Implementation
  • Database String Parser Functionality
  • Twitch Streaming
  • Pitch Deck Design and Research

About This Project

I was hired on as a Software Engineer by HyperKinetic Studios in 2020. While I worked on many projects for them, I was eventually brought on to this project in order to help finish some features currently in their backlog.

My Contributions

Gameplay Features

Most of my work involved adding gameplay features to the narrative engine. This included creating modular UI interfaces for the art team to take and beautify.

Narrative Engine Functionality

I also wrote database scripts that parse the narrative for event data embedded as tokens within character and event scripts.

Pitch Decks

I did pitch decks for their other projects (currently under NDA) that have received funding. This included doing market research, revenue projections, and the final pitch deck.

Play it now on Steam Early Access!


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