Glaze Runner : A Sprinklepunk Game

Fun Light-hearted Mobile Game – Unity Engine

  • Project Lead / Lead Programmer
  • 2D Physics
  • Attachments System
  • Modular Level Design
  • Game Design

My Contributions

  • Project Lead / Lead Programmer
  • Game Physics
  • Attachments System
  • Procedural Level Design
  • Game Design

About This Project

Current Prototype

This is a mobile game (iOS/Android) soon to be released before the end of 2021.

Game Design

Your goal is actually to avoid the treats and avoid getting bigger and delicious because we all know, delicious donuts get eaten!

Eventually, we’ll have a cat that starts the chase and will grab you and eat you when you get too big and too slow and too tasty for the cat to resist!

What is Sprinklepunk?

Think of cyberpunk, dieselpunk, or atompunk but with more sprinkles!!

Play It Here

Password to play: katamari

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