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Fitness/Exercise game based around an adventurer/explorer protagonist. Contains a full-featured narrative where each level is generated procedurally and acts as a single workout.

“A hero’s body that comes only from saving the world!”



Alternative Titles

Adventure Training Heroes Body Quest Trainer
Fitness Quest



Explore tombs with puzzles and a narrative plot by doing physical exercises analogous to the movements Lara Croft does in game Tomb Raider games. Tombs are procedurally generated exercise programs based on a exercise plan or player choice of type of exercise and difficulty. The game has a full-feature story that they play through with each workout with missions the hero has to complete to progress through the plot.



The secret to an ancient Cabal linked to prehistoric humans after the last ice age has been unearthed. These people believe in a greater power known as the Lucent: a sun-like god that is claimed to both lead earth through a great enlightenment but also to devour the earth whole. A group of mercenaries, however, are dead-set on unleashing it against mankind, starting a race to discover the truths of this myth and prevent those who seek to expose humanity to it’s terrible curse. Is this just a myth or is the hero going to uncover something incredible within these tombs?




Physical Exercise & Action-Adventure Xbox One – PS4



E for Everyone None




  • Camera Movement Detection: Uses camera devices, like the Playstation Camera and the Kinect, to detect the player’s physical movements.
  • Dungeon Crawler: Dungeon exploration with interesting puzzles in the style of Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed
  • Fitness Evaluation: The game will evaluate their form and determine their level of exhaustion. If they are struggling, the game will generate easier levels for them to complete, and vice versa.
  • Graphics : 3D cartoonish graphics similar to Tomb Raider GO. Refer to concept art section for examples.
  • Gameplay : Story Mode & Stretch Mode




Target Audience

This game is aimed at players who like action-adventure games and want to start getting into shape but find exercise to be boring. The game is not intended for people who are already fit but this could still ramp up the challenge enough for even an athlete. The target however are people who are out of shape and this game is designed to help them get used to doing 20-30 minutes of physical activity while distracting them with interesting missions and plot. The game is meant to adjust to the physical abilities of the player and then get them moving. It’s not intended to tire them out or exhaust them unless they ask for that.

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