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Wield your mobile phone like a sword and fight as a notorious assassin who must combat enemies completely blindfolded

“Do you have what it takes to beat the most legendary warriors…blindfolded?”



This is a game with the intention to teach the blind how to use echolocation and master that skill. The game models reverb in a three-dimensional space and the player uses that to navigate. They will be tasked with finding objects in a level filled with rooms and later on to combat enemies. They play as an assassin who must train and combat enemies completely blindfolded. They will train in the arts of echolocation and progress through the story by taking on enemies and navigating terrain completely blindfolded.



You are a notorious assassin who is being hunted by the most legendary warriors of all time. Your only hope in defeating them is learning from the greatest master of all, the blind monk known only as the White Cane.



Audio Game. Action-Adventure, First-person.

Melee/Stealth Action

Health & Training Game



Mobile – iphone/Android

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