Gravity & Physics-Based Puzzle Platformer – Unity Engine

  • Project Lead
  • Game Design & Level Design
  • Gravity and Physics controls
  • Player Controller and Mechanics
  • Team Management
  • Game Saving / Player Persistence

You ARE gravity

My Role

This was a project I led and did all the programming for. This included managing a 5 person team of mostly 3d and 2d artists. I did all the design for the game and implemented the following features:

  • Game Saving / Player Persistence
  • Gravity and Physics control
  • First person mechanim
  • Player Controller
  • User Interface with game options
  • Game & Level Design
  • Team Management
  • Project management through Discord, Trello using Agile workflow
  • Git Management

Game Description

A 3D action game where you can manipulate gravity itself. Flip around, walk on walls or the ceiling. Play with the physics of this strange and mysterious place. You’ll need to master this skill because it’s the only thing that’ll help you survive against the many dangers that lurk throughout this world.

Now in Alpha Stage!

Available on

Development Team (Alphabetical Order)

Kevin Ginsburg (art)

Mona Masotta (design, art)

Andres Mora (programming, game design)

Roberto Solano (music)

Susan Tang (art)

Early Prototype

Here’s a fun test of the newly finished gravity mechanics in a prototype level.

Art Updates

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