In this puzzle game, you ARE gravity…

Candy Creepers

As a witch who powers her magic through sweets…taking down baddies is a matter of taking candy from a baby.

ARmageddon AR App

Aliens have invaded your living room and worse yet, they can only be seen by your phone’s camera. Hurry and take aim at these exotic baddies! This AR app was built for iOS using the ARKit.

Train or Shame

Running a gym isn’t hard. Just remember the golden rule : Happy customers are paying customers!

Rockit Dude

Fly around with your jetpack and turn your enemies into craters with your rocket launcher!

LISA Cooks App

This applications helps you keep track of your kitchen inventory and find recipes based on what you have in stock. Written in JAVA.

Hero Fitness

Fitness/Exercise game based around an adventurer/explorer protagonist. Contains a full-featured narrative where each level is generated procedurally and acts as a single workout.


Wield your mobile phone like a sword and fight as a notorious assassin who must combat enemies completely blindfolded